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Bracelet for Winter
Bracelet for Winter
Bracelet for Winter

Bracelet for Winter

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This week's offer is for a completely new heavy silver bracelet chain.

Our bracelet is -

a) in solid sterling silver chain from a top manufacturer in Germany and made up in the UK;
b) assayed and hallmarked in Edinburgh;
c) links are 8.5mm wide x 9.5mm long. The wire is 2.2mm thick. All links are soldered closed;
d) the bracelet weighs 36g;
e) the bracelet measures 20cm (7 3/4") overall - comfortable for the average male or female wrist;
f) the large carabiner fastening makes putting on and taking off really easy;
g) the bracelet has a mirror-finish polish.

This is our business and we have looked long and hard for websites offering a hallmarked, sterling silver chain of similar weight and size at anywhere near this price. We have yet to find one.

The bracelet feels beautiful when worn and you really won't want to take it off! For yourself or a loved one this makes a wonderful gift which will be treasured over the years. The bracelet comes in a little drawstring pouch inside our regular jewellery box.

The offer price of our new bracelet is £98. We simply don't know what the 2020 price will be but it won't be £98! Delivery will be within the next 2 weeks for all orders placed now. If you intend the bracelet as a Christmas present PLEASE don't leave it too late. We'll get very busy towards Christmas and would hate to disappoint anyone.