Skye Silver
Colbost, Dunvegan
Isle of Skye,IV55 8ZT
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Skye Beads

Our beads are back! By popular demand we have reintroduced our full range of silver beads - including some you may not have seen before. Their size and weight make them ideal for wearing singly or in combination on your bracelet. Their fine finish and detail set them apart from all others we have seen. All our beads have a 4.5mm hole so they fit all the usual manufacturers' bracelets.

Check out our full range of Madeira chains, suitable for these beads.

Tree of Life Bead   Tree of Life Bead   Tree of Life Bead   Tree of Life Bead   Celtic Knotwork Bead   Misty Owl Bead
B23B   B24B   B27B   B28B   B29B   B805B
Bird in the hand Bead   Knotwork Bead with ring   Tree of Life Bead with ring   Lindisfarne Dogs Bead   Quatrefoil Bead   Sheep Bead
B806B   B813B   B815B   B820B   B821B   B822B
Zig Zag Bead   Celtic Knotwork Bead   Flowers Bead   Oystercatchers Bead   Wildwood Bead   Skye Gannet Bead
B823B   B824B   B825B   B826B   B827B   B828B
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